Thread for questions and answers in English

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Thread for questions and answers in English

#1 Сообщение MYRobinson » 03 мар 2011, 01:57

I thought that I saw some names of Jewish converts to Christianity on this forum but I cannot find that topic again--where do I look???
thank you

Кажется, где-то на форуме я видела список из нескольких фамилий евреев, перешедших в христианство. Не могу найти, где это было?

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Re: Непрямые родственники

#2 Сообщение anno_nin » 31 мар 2011, 07:22

Хая Шулькина писал(а):Письмо от англоязычной еврейки,ее предки жили в Полоцке.
The reason I wanted to contact is that my family came from Polotsk and also ended up in Nevel - which I always thought was in Russia not Belarus. Such a coincidence then reading your article!
My grandmother Bertha Levin, with her mother ( Deveirah Beila) and sister , Anna, left Kupishok in 1915 and arrived in Polotsk where they got lodgings in the home of Shmuel and Musa Epstein. The two Levin girls later married two of the Epstein boys - Bertha ( Ada Bassa) married Zalman Esptein and Anna Levin married Pinchas Epstein. Anna and Pinchas had a store in Nevel by late 1920s; Ada Bassa and Zalman lived in Starre Russia ( South of Leningrad) - where my mother (Mary) was born. They later left for South Africa in 1928 from Nevel together with Anna and her three children ( Pinchas had gone a year before) , and Deveirah Beila Levin ( their mother) ; Zalman had to stay ( the authorities would not let him go) and left a year later for South Africa.
Now here's my question: since 1928 contact with the 2 remaining Epstein brothers has been lost, not without my grandparents trying.
The remaining brothers were:
Aaron ( Aron) Epstein and Goodman Epstein. One of them was a district commissaar in the Communist party.
A third brother had drowned in the river some years before in a boating accident.
I have tried to find info re the 2 brothers - but to no avail. I have asked numerous " contacts" to check out the website you mention and even tried it with google translate - but it was so cumbersome - I got nowhere.

Debby Myers

Итого: ищем Эпштейн Аарон Самойлович и Эпштейн Гудман Самойлович из Невеля?
Есть ли "русские" имена, примерно годы рождения, профессии, этих братьев а также их жен, детей ?
Проверяли ли в базе репрессированных, погибших на фронте и в яд-ва-шем?
Вопросы по миграциям: переезд в 1915г. из Купишок (или из Полоцка?) в Невель - по какой причине? Эвакуация евреев из прифронтовой зоны царским правительством? спасались от погромов? Финансовые проблемы?
Невель, кажется, был еще в черте оседлости. Или уже нет?
Переезд в Старую Руссу до революции или после? Старая Русса, похоже, точно вне черты оседлости.
Пусть откроет тему в английских форумах по Эпштейнам из Невеля

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Mikaliskes (Michalishuck),is a shetl in Vilna District

#3 Сообщение MYRobinson » 22 июл 2011, 18:30

Does anyone know if the Mikaliskes 1850 census still exists? If so, how do I obtain a copy?

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Re: Mikaliskes (Michalishuck),is a shetl in Vilna District

#4 Сообщение Joel » 28 авг 2011, 16:56

The 1850 revision list of the Jewish residents of Mikhalishok is extant. It resides at the Lithuanian State Historical Archives in Vilna. Please contact me regarding access to these and other Litvak records.

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Thread for questions and answers in English

#5 Сообщение oztech » 19 авг 2016, 13:26

anno_nin писал(а):Источник цитаты Эпштейн Аарон Самойлович и Эпштейн Гудман Самойлович из Невеля
В совершенно неожиданном месте нашлась старое сообщение для данной темы иноязычного форума. Фамилия очень распространенная, даже в сочетании с Невелем мелькнула однажды, но источник сейчас недоступен.

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Thread for questions and answers in English

#6 Сообщение momteller » 02 фев 2017, 21:39

Hello, My grandfather, Maische Staroselsky, was born in Naroditch (Narodici) , Ukraine. 1893? He then came to Chicago with his brother and sister. I read his brother's obituary recently from 50 years ago and it listed his siblings including one who stayed in Russia. It said even her married name! Esther Reidman (of course the spelling of the last name could be a little different). Her maiden name was Esther Staroselsky. Can anyone help me find the descendents of Esther Staroselsky Reidman? I don't know where to start. Thank you.

Мой дедушка Моше Старосельский из Народичей, Украина 1893? года рождения Затем он уехал в Чикаго с братом и сестрой. В манифесте его брата 50-летней давности он указал своих братьев и сестер, включая одну, оставшуюся в России. Ее зовут Эстер Рейдман (Старосельская). Помогите пожалуйста найти потомков Эстер. Не знаю с чего начать

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Thread for questions and answers in English

#7 Сообщение MOCKBA » 02 фев 2017, 22:09

momteller писал(а):Источник цитаты Esther Reidman

There are Reidermann's in the Yad Vashem listing for Narodichi (Народичи). It is near Khabno and there are several researchers in this group working on this period's records which are often well preserved in Kiev archives.
For the samplers, look in this thread, maybe with the assistance of Google translate. And if you know more about the family members, their years of life, occupations, and places of residence, then please do share, as it may be helpful
Гоникберг (Могилев-Подольский, Ушицкий уезд, и повсюду), Прусс, Черницкий(Городок Витебской), Пальман (Витебск), Богин, Рудерман (Минск)

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Thread for questions and answers in English

#8 Сообщение Krekenava » 03 фев 2017, 05:26

Here is an example of the information you could find on Yad Vashem website the poster above mentioned: ... =narodichi

Forms for Reidermans here were filled out by their family members.
Some of the respondendts were living in Israel at the time ( 1991). That's one lead.

Another is looking for phone books for Narodichi or Kiev. May be members here can provide some clues.
And here is the result of the search for Staroselsky on this website, in its database.

Шнейдер: Кракиново, Поневежис, Ковно, Петербург.
Михельсон: Митава, Петербург. Кричевский: Миргород, Лохвица, Лисичанск, Бахмут, Петербург.
Лорман: Орша, Петербург. Лебедев/Левидов: Митава, Рига, Петербург.
Давидов, Богельман, Янкелевич: Петербург. Дун: Лохвица. Трауберг: Одесса, Петербург.

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Thread for questions and answers in English

#9 Сообщение momteller » 04 фев 2017, 18:40

Thank you so much. I'll let you know if I find anything. I also found a Reydman which is even closer.

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Thread for questions and answers in English

#10 Сообщение mikev » 04 фев 2017, 19:21

One extra tool is to check this very forum for references to Reidman -- and in fact there are three: Balta, Odessa, and Tetiev. It is the last one that may be helpful.
There are at least two early 19th century censuses from Tetiev, plus what is mentioned at the link, there may be more. (The reason I know is because my family is from Tetiev, but I was not interested after 1832 when they moved out, but I sure have the earlier ones.). Geographically reasonably close and if Reidman is a monogenetic family, it is possible that Tetiev is the origin.

Good luck!

LOL. Ist ref at the link is to mine.

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Thread for questions and answers in English

#11 Сообщение momteller » 15 фев 2017, 15:44

Thanks so much. Will follow up in a few weeks when I have more time. I will be in touch!

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